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Stelletje rukkers

Volgens de PornHub-statistieken werd er ten tijde van het valse raketalarm 77% minder gefapt in Hawaii. Tevens is in diezelfde grafiek te zien hoe in de minuten daarna de kostbare faptijd weer ruimschoots ingehaald werd.


In echt nieuws: schitterende miniaturen van gebouwen met griebels uit Blade Runner 2049

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Het wordt tijd voor meer pussy op deze margeblog.


Bij deze

Misschien vragen sommige oplettende boskattenliefhebbers zich af: "Wat is er met die andere, fotogenieke, getijgerde boskat gebeurd?" Dat vragen we ons hier in het bos ook al sinds enkele maanden af. We kunnen alleen maar speculeren. Een ongeval is onwaarschijnlijk, omdat gechipte slachtoffers in de meeste gevallen geïdentificeerd en gemeld worden.

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Putin is er helemaal zat van

Net als wij al eerder besloten hadden, vindt Rusland dat de interwebs eigenlijk gewoon Trump's Twittol-feed is. Dus begint Putin nu ook gewoon z'n eigen intranet. Compleet afgesloten achter een vuurmuur. Lekker Rus-tig. Tenminste, dit meldt een niet nader te noemen, die het weer van het Duitsere internet heeft.

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Steve Bannon gedagvaard


Of, zoals Trump het zo mooi verwoordt: "The Russian Collusion Hoax is dead. "

[Update] Bannon werd vandaag voor de parlementaire enquetecomissie in het Amerikaanse Congres ondervraagd, maar treineerde volgens bronnen het proces en joeg daarmee een aantal commissieleden op de kast, die hem daarop prompt dagvaardden.

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Muzijkje bij

Wetenschappelijk onderzoek wijst uit: vroegâh was alles beter, qua myth confirmed, populaire muziek en gebrek aan originaliteit. Gratis samengevat van de /.s:

1. Pop music has become slower in tempo in recent years and also "sadder" and less "fun" to listen to.

2. Pop music has become melodically less complex, using fewer chord changes, and pop recordings are mastered to sound consistently louder (and therefore less dynamic) at a rate of around one decibel every eight years.

3. There has been a significant increase in the use of the first-person word "I" in pop song lyrics, and a decline in words that emphasize society or community. Lyrics also contain more words that can be associated with anger or anti-social sentiments.

4. 42% of people polled on which decade has produced the worst pop music since the 1970s voted for the 2010s. These people were not from a particular aging demographic at all — all age groups polled, including in the age of 18-29, appear to feel unanimously that the 2010s are when pop music became worst. This may explain a rising trend of young millennials, for example, digging around for now 15-30 year-old music on YouTube frequently. It's not just the older people who listen to the 1980s and 1990s on YouTube and other streaming services it seems — much younger people do it too.

5. A researcher put 15,000 Billboard Hot 100 song lyrics through the well-known Lev-Zimpel-Voigt-Kampf (LZV1, Dave snapt dat vast wel—ik niet) data compression algorithm, which is good at finding repetitions in data. He found that songs have steadily become more repetitive over the years, and that song lyrics from today compress 22% better on average than less repetitive song lyrics from the 1960s. The most repetitive year in song lyrics was 2014 in this study.

Iedereen heeft het te druk met Bitcoin-mijnen, zeg ik je.

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Aan de galg ermee


Oh, we gingen al uit de EU? Kan me niet bommen.

Trump is niet alleen president van de Verenigde Staten, maar blijkbaar ook van een stel Engelsen die de burgemeester van Londen, Sadiq Khan, wilde arresteren…


En ophangen aan de eigenmeegebrachte galg…

… Wegens dingen:

"they accused Khan of treachery, tyranny and disrespecting President Trump."

Let in de video van de WaPo ook even op het stabiele genie dat de vlag hun land een ander land (de VS) in spiegelbeeld aan het publiek toont.

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En een interview met Kasparov, na twaalf jaar terug van weggeweest, over ZeroAlpha versus Stockfish en hoe computers die tegen elkaar schaken laten zien dat zwart een licht voordeel heeft in het spel (en of dat voor menselijke schakers ooit van belang zal zijn).

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Metoo 2.0


De Venus van Dingesdorf


Deze is ook schattig.

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De Pentagon Papers 2.0


Lees het geannoteerde Twitterverhaal van de Fusion GPS-getuigenis, nu ook in PDF-vorm.

171/ So, to sum up where we are: everything the GOP said about the Dossier post-August 2017—to American voters—was a lie. They knew full well the Dossier had *corroborated* what a whistleblower in the Trump campaign told the FBI *before* July of 2016. This is goddamned explosive.

172/ House and Senate GOP allies of Trump are revealed, today, as being damn near complicit in a cover-up of epic proportions. Grassley trying to block the release of this transcript is him trying to keep Americans from finding out that the Dossier *wasn't* the FBI's main source.

173/ But *far more important* than the GOP smearing the dossier when they knew it had corroborated information the FBI already had is that the GOP was trying to *hide the fact that the FBI had a whistleblower on Trump-Russia ties within the Trump campaign*. Process that a second.

174/ What this means is the GOP *knew* the Trump-Russia story was legitimate—as it came from a whistleblower in *Trump's own campaign*—in August 2017. That's over four months ago. They've been lying this whole time. This is an *unspeakable* act of disloyalty to the United States.

175/ This means every time Trump said the Russia story was a "hoax" that originated with the *Democrats* there were many Republicans in Congress who knew it was a lie. And they let him say it. They let him lie, and mislead, and thereby aid the Russian effort to destroy our unity.

177/ So of *course* Steele then assumed there was a *pro-Trump* conspiracy at the FBI—as it was reopening Clinton's case for what shortly (by November 5th) would be revealed to be *no reason* while *allowing* the New York Times to *falsely* report there was no Trump-Russia story.

178/ I don't think the word "bombshell" is enough here. Nate Silver's polling analyses confirm the FBI's decision to reopen Clinton's case publicly—on no clear grounds—while permitting journalists to falsely report what the FBI had on Trump and Russia handed Trump the election.

179/ Wonder no longer why the GOP is attacking the FBI. Because they've known since August that either incompetence or malice at the FBI handed Trump the election—so they need to establish a counter-narrative saying that the FBI had a *pro-Clinton* bias. This is historic news.

180/ And if you want to understand the malice or incompetence at the FBI this transcript now confirms, you can go back to reporting I did on this subject—over a year ago. Read this, and see revealed the story of what was going on at the FBI pre-election:

181/ That article, from mid-January 2017, folds into its narrative essays I wrote earlier on (including in 2016). See the links in the article. This is kind of too much to process—I don't think the media has *fully* processed this yet or we'd be hearing more shouting everywhere.

182/ I turned on CNN a few hours ago and they were talking about some ridiculous public meeting Trump help today to establish his "mental stamina." If you understand this Simpson transcript, it's the only thing you're talking about in U.S. politics for—seriously—the next month.

183/ The reason this is now the only political news story for the next many cycles is it calls into question the entire GOP, the FBI, the White House's Trump-Russia defense, whether our government is compromised, and whether the 2016 election results can be considered legitimate.

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Verkneukelen 3.0

De presentatoren en correspondenten van MSNBC verkneukelen zich achter een uitgestreken gezicht over hoe hun president zich binnenkort voor de hoogste politiebaas in het land voor lul gaat zetten.

"Meneer de president, bent u bereid een gesprek aan te gaan met Special Council Robert Mueller?"

"Laat een ding duidelijk zijn: er was geen collusion."

Dat gaat een prettig edoch lang gesprek worden met Mueller. U kunt nu meedoen met de pool: binnen hoeveel minuten na aanvang van het gesprek onder ede lult Trump zich de gevangenis in?

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